Hey all! I’ve been really loving pampering myself lately. I thought, why not talk about it!

First off, pampering yourself is SO important. I usually do at least 3 Face masks a week, if not more because I love the feeling of clean skin after a long day of work or play. Not only is getting clean important, but pampering yourself–taking some ME time, like spending a few hours alone without friends or husbands or roommates bugging you; putting an obscenely smelly bath bomb in your bath and spending an hour engulfed in bubbles whilst watching Gilmore Girls is SO important. I think sometimes women don’t know how to truly pamper themselves when they’re so busy, they think “Oh I’ll put on a face mask eat some cheetos and call it a night.” No, I mean like spending half the day, making an appointment at your favorite Nail Spa, booking a mani/pedi, reading trashy magazines, getting a cheeseburger for lunch and going shopping for things you don’t need kinda pamper.

I usually have a certain routine for mine. If I’m coming home from work that’s one thing, but sometimes I’ll take a whole half day on Sunday before I have to work the next day to really make myself feel good. First off, I’ll talk to you about some of my favorite Pamper products, then I’ll take you through my routine.

For Christmas this year, I got an ENTIRE pack of 11 different Tony Moly sheet masks. Now I’m getting a little tired of the “Sheet Mask” trend we’re seeing in Skin care, just because THEY’RE SO HARD TO KEEP ON? AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT THINKS THAT?

I digress, this pack is still really amazing and cheap for those of you that are looking to have options.

This 11 pack of the entire Tony Moly “I’m Real” mask range is a mere $10.62, which is an absolute steal. I would also recommend checking out his other Face Mask Range: “Pureness 100”. Some of the best masks I’ve tried that truly make my skin feel like an angel’s wing. This comes out to almost $9.00. A steal!

Other masks I absolutely LIVE for are as follows..

  1. Deep Down Detox Mud Mask: This baby dries to a weird clear consistency on your face, but every time I take it off my skin just looks and feels so much cleaner. Plus, you can get it at Walgreen’s for cheap! This range is really good for troublesome skin.
  2. Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask: Now, this one I got for free in an Advent calendar for the Body Shop. I was SO pleased to see it, not only because it’s a great mask but because it was full size and in wonderful packaging. I tried it on Christmas Eve and I have to say, I felt like a Million bucks afterwards.

Your mask preferences should definitely cater to your skin’s needs, but I truly think these masks would really be beneficial to anyone’s skin. Now that I’ve bored you with face masks, here’s how I tend to pamper myself!

The Routine: Typically, I put a very lovely smelling bath bomb in the bath. Currently, there is something seriously wrong with out bath tub and I’ve resorted to only taking showers. Oh bath bombs, how I miss you. Nowadays I start my routine off with laying out some nice comfy clothes like a night shirt, a chunky sweater and some slipper socks. I get my big fluffy robe out, and turn on a hot shower. I really enjoy doing this when no one is in the house and I can just feel comfortable putting on some Lady Gaga and singing along! After I get out of the shower, I typically moisturize. My favorite lately has been the holiday scents from The Body Shop. I found a Threesome of Spiced Apple, Vanilla Chai and Frosted Cranberry at Ulta, and let me tell you–$16 dollars and WORTH every penny.

Once I’ve ┬ámoisturized my body, I begin to completely clean my face. I love the feeling of knowing that I’m 100% makeup free.

From Left: The Body Shop Camomile Eye Makeup Remover, and my Holy Grail Cleansing Oil: Burt’s Bees Coconut and Argan Cleansing Oil.

From Left: Garnier Micellar Water with Extra Large Cleansing Pads (Found at WalMart) and my Ugly Mug.


Once my face is feeling Oh so fresh and fruity, I put on my Face Mask selection of the day. This day I had decided to try out a mixture of 2 that I’d found at Target.

From Left: Both masks are the brand Que Bella, and i thought I would try them because I liked the ingredients. One was a Refining mask that smelled like heaven and had a clear consistency–which is why you can’t see it on my face! I put that on my T Zone and Chin. That has a mixture of Pearl Powder and it’s supposed to Exfoliate. The other was a Que Bella Tea Tree and Witch hazel mud mask. These worked fine, but I’m not inclined to buy them again.

Typically I leave these masks on for about 30 minutes while I chill out and watch Netflix. Currently I’m enjoying a Netflix Original Drama called “The OA” starring Brit Marling. I’d highly recommend it!

Image result for the OAImage result for the OA

After the masks are done I clean off my face, moisturize with my favorite face lotion: Vanishing Cream by Lush. A very light, Oily skin friendly option.

Image result for vanishing cream lush

And to TRULY pamper myself, typically I’ll end the day with a Girly movie and ordering Thai Takeout. That’s it! What’s your Pamper routine?


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