Month: March 2016

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I’m sorry I’ve been absent the past few weeks. I’ve currently been busy hating my job and griping about it to everyone I know. You wouldn’t think that would take so much time out of your life, but complaining in itself should be a full time job.

While I was doing that, I also had a few moments here and there to spend money I don’t have! Thanks Tax Return 2015! I made it over to Sephora to try a few things I’d heard a lot about and boy am I glad I did. Here’s what the haul looked like:


  1. Sake Brightening Hydrogel Mask: Boscia
  2. Green Tea Mattifying Hydrogel Mask: Boscia
  3. 2 Samples of Sephora Makeup Brush Shampoo
  4. 1 Sample of First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair cream
  5. Clinique Beyond perfecting Foundation
  6. Kat Von D Lock-it Concealer

First Up, The Masks:


So, as you can see I looked like Michael Meyers with this on. Thank god Josh didn’t see me. It’s a little hard to keep the mask on for the time allotted because you kinda feel like your face is melting. I know everything it’s lined with is good for you, but I literally had to tilt my head back most of the time to keep it from falling off. Once the 20 minutes were up there was no real difference in my skin. I would try it again but maybe a different kind. Charcoal or one that doesn’t feel like a melting face skin.


Next up, Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation+Concealer.
I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this product. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while, but I’ve been waiting to use up my Kat Von D Lock-It foundation. I will say that the Kat Von D foundation was the absolute PERFECT color for my skin, perfected every pore, and definitely lived up to the name. I want to love this one, but it’s just not what I thought it would be. Granted, I got the wrong color for my skin tone so it doesn’t particularly blend like I’d like it to. I am very attached to Kat Von D’s foundation, plus, I have very oily skin so the matte finish is perfect for me. Pros on this one: The wand applicator, price is right (only $25 at Sephora) and the coverage is really great.


I think if I get another shade in a closer to Fair skin tone and mix the two together, it would be perfect. So, all in all, the formula is great and the coverage/wear is excellent-but the coloring is off. I’ll report back when I’ve got the right color. Something I’m also VERY interested in trying is Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation. The reviews have been mixed, but I’ve heard that the colors and application, coverage are great. Next on the list!


So I went out on a limb and decided to purchase something I’d really heard almost nothing about. I’ve always been obsessed with Kat Von D’s Foundation so I thought I’d try her concealer. So far I’m not too impressed with it. I really like concealers that are very thick and cover a lot. So far, this formula is a little too watery for my taste and doesn’t blend very well. It has okay coverage when you put powder over it, but I’m just not as impressed as I want to be with it. It also kind of creases? That’s like, a bad word in the land of concealers. So far, I’m still pretty impressed with the Naked Skin Concealer and I want to try Nars’ in Chantilly.


In the spirit of full disclosure, here’s a selfie of me with all of the makeup on for your viewing pleasure.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my purchases, but I don’t know that I’d do any re-purchases of them. Thanks for taking a look in my bag!

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