Molly's Hawaiian Wish List

I’m going to Hawaii for the first time in October on my Honeymoon! We booked a week long stint in Oahu on the Resort called Turtle Bay right on the water. Have you seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Because that’s the SAME RESORT THEY STAYED AT IN THE MOVIE! I know. I know. I’m walking on tile that Jason Segel once walked on. If you’re jealous you’re RIGHT.

I thought I’d make a list of things that I’d really like to have in my suitcase before we jet off for my first Hawaiian vacation!

  • Sunglasses : Let me be real with you all for a second. I have a few obsessions. One of them is SUNGLASSES. I would say my 2 obsessions are Sunglasses and Makeup. Right now in my collection I would say that I probably have hoarded around 20 pairs of sunglasses on and off for about 5 years, and makeup is just another story. THAT BEING SAID, I STILL want more. I’ve tried Diff brand and I highly recommend that brand-very quality. If my damn dog hadn’t chewed them up I would still be wearing them, but until I find $75 more dollars those are long gone. Another brand I have absolutely been wanting to try is Q/A. They have the most beautiful shapes and I LOVE the mirrored look. I have been lusting over these on Modcloth, and they’re on sale! MY SHOPPING FINGERS ARE TINGLING
Q A sunnies
Q/A Maiden Sunglasses, Modcloth, $39.99
Q A blue sunnies
Q/A Kitti Sunglasses, Modcloth, $34.99


  • Cool Girl Sneakers: So I know I’m late to the party on this, but I’m still on that “Adidas Sneaker” kick. I think it’s essential to have sneakers that go with everything and that are comfy to walk in!
Velcro sneaks
ASOS Darko Trainers , $36.00
Addidas white black sneaks
Adidas Originals Superstar, $100
  • An abundance of matching pajamas: Have y’all been on ASOS’ Pajama section on their website? THEY HAVE FUCKING CACTUS PAJAMAS. AND OTHER PAJAMAS. I’m a huge fan of matching pajamas, because who doesn’t want to feel cute when they go to bed?
Blue Vintage Hawaii Print Pajamas, $42.00
Brushed Stripe Pajama Set, $46.00
  • ¬†An Actual Vlogging Camera: So I talk a lot of talk, but I don’t ever walk the walk. I have had my eye on a few different vlogging cameras, IE Canon G7X, Sony and the like. Unfortunately I am not a millionaire and can’t afford to be throwing away money on frivolous things like Cameras. Instead I throw it away on makeup and Velcro sneakers and matching pajamas. BUT since this is technically a wish list, I’ll go ahead and let y’all in on the camera I’ve had my eye on. 

    Samsung camera
    Samsung NX Mini 20.5MP, $449.99, Amazon
  • A HAT. I’m going to the beach, right? I’m also going to need some good sun protection since I only plan to be using SPF 4. I’ve had my eye on a few straw woven ones from Forever 21, because ain’t nobody got time for overpaying for something I’m only going to wear for a week anyways.
Woven Hat
Forever 21 Short Brim Straw Fedora, $14.90
Woven Hat 2
Forever 21, Woven Straw Fedora Hat, $14.90

So, there you have it. A wish list for my upcoming Hawaiian vacation! If anyone wants to know where to locate my Amazon Wish List so they can buy me these things, I would not be opposed. Happy Monday!