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It’s Friday, and you know what that means…5 Friday Faves!

This week, I’ve got a range of different products for you.










1. Kashi Blueberry Go Lean Waffles: Currently I’ve been trying to be as healthy as possible due to the whole ‘I’m getting married in 6 months” thing. We’ve been going to the gym and trying to keep up with our workouts, drinking green smoothies–you know, the “Healthy” thing. Sometimes, though, I crave WAFFLES. Call me Leslie Knope, but sometimes a girl’s just gotta get her waffle on. I found these at King Soopers in Fort Collins and they are just the bees knees. They’re fairly low carb, low in fat and sodium. They’ve got a really good flavor and don’t taste like cardboard, and make me feel like I’m splurging a bit even though I’m pretty much not. That’s not butter on top. It’s…..vegetables……..





















2. EOS Shave Cream in Tropical Fruit: This stuff is amazing! I love the smell of coconut and pineapple during the hotter months, so I picked this up at the grocery store. I use this with my all time FAVORITE Hemps Lotion: Watermelon coconut Scent and I smell like a beach bunny. A beach bunny, yes.


3.Thermos Vacuum Insulated Tumblr : Okay so here’s how good I am at the internet: I did not know the name of this Thermos. I knew I got it from Target, so I went to the Target website and typed in the search bar “Red Thermos”. Do you know what the first thing that popped up was? THIS THERMOS. I win the internet, point, set, MATCH. Now on to the point, which is that this thermos is amazing. I’ve always wanted a legitimate vessel for my liquid that can keep them either hot or cold for long periods of time. I feel like a real grown up using this AND it looks like a Scottish Kilt. Sign me up!



4. M83// Junk:¬†Okay, I’m well aware of the “junk” people have been spouting about this album..ha hA. BUT I am a complete fan of this. It’s completely different, fun and every song has a totally different vibe. Anthony Gonzalez added a few different ¬†artists to a couple of songs including Beck and Mai Lan. Some songs sound like the introduction to a 70’s new’s program, and some harken back to M83’s older songs. I’m a big fan of this, so GO LISTEN TO IT. Or not, whatever.


5. Colourpop Lipsticks : My final favorite is one that has taken me a while to pull the trigger on. I am an addict of youtube tutorial videos and beauty personalities, so I couldn’t help but hear nothing but rave worthy things about Colourpop. Their lippie stix, ultra matte liquid lippies, etc have been on every beauty enthusiast’s lips (literally and figuratively) for the past year, so I decided to make an order. See this post where I review every color and tell you what I think! But seriously though, I am a firm believer now. Anyone who’s thinking of trying this lipstick has got to give it a go. I’ve already chosen my next colors! Both the lippie stix and liquid lipsticks are to die for, so you can’t go wrong!

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