Hello, All! I hope you all had a lovely memorial day weekend. Here’s a quick recap from me:

Friday night I got so drunk I could barely move on Saturday, so Saturday was spent laying in bed most of the day with bagel sandwiches and saltines. I told Josh that morning–“Josh, I think I need my hangover food.” And, being my true soul mate, he answered, “Alright, I’ll go get us some bagels and orange juice.”
That night we grilled steaks, baked potatoes and I got to experience the greatness that is Real Genius. Val Kilmer in his prime, Ladies and Gents.


While Josh then played video games, I retired to our room to watch another lovely film–one that is currently on Netflix and everyone should watch:Palm Trees in the Snow. It stars no actors or actresses you have probably heard of, but it’s a spanish film (yes there are subtitles but they are worth it). It’s sexy and dramatic, but perfect for a night in with some wine and a cozy blanket. Watch it!


Sunday was spent eating breakfast burritos, grocery shopping for the week and for our epic memorial day burger feast, And then ANOTHER movie, this time in the theaters. The Nice Guys–my personal favorite for the year. It was my second time seeing it and Josh’s first and he loved it just as much as I did seeing it again. If you haven’t seen it or have been on the fence about it, I URGE you to see it now.

And now, currently we are at the end of Monday, Memorial Day, and my belly is full of burgers and homemade fries and pasta salad and s’mores. Our patio has now been christened for summer and I don’t think anyone is more excited than me for Sunday┬ánight barbecues. I just made that a thing. Here’s a photo collage of today:


I digress. The reason why I’m writing this post today is to tell you about a new goal I’ve set for myself.
There’s no secret to the fact that I am a little bit chunky. Hey, I like my pizza okay? The thing is that I’ve been chunky before, and I’ve lost weight, too. I lost about 70+ lbs about 4 years ago right before I graduated college. I actually had a pretty popular blog that helped me throughout my weight loss journey and i kept it off for quite a while. The point that I’m making is that obviously, I put it all back on. Not more, just the same amount. I’ve been trying to get back to where i was, but it’s WAYYYYY way way harder than it was back then. I’m in a serious relationship with a guy who is basically a string bean. We usually eat whatever we want and we share that love of food together. Unfortunately, I was the one that got to show that love of food and Josh…well, let’s just say his tiny love handles can’t begin to compare.

We’ve tried pretty much everything–we joined a gym but that was too intimidating and every time we’d want to go I’d literally dread it. Plus, it was too expensive so we canceled. We tried setting a serious goal, buying a scale, I tried Fit Girls Guide, etc. Nothing has seemed to work. I even tried restarting my blog when I tried Fit Girls Guide. Nope, still nada. I always seem to revert back. Now, on this blog, I’m setting myself accountable. I’m going to try to blog my journey with Shakeology.


I know I know…a fad diet. A supplement. The only reason why I’m trying this is because 1. I’m a little bit desperate. 2. I’ve never tried ANYTHING like this before and 3. One of my favorite success stories with weight loss: Rachael Fights Back has done it with great success. So why not, right? I had the money, and I’m going to be honest about my experience.

I’ll try to blog about my experiences more than 3 times a week. I plan to incorporate Couch 2 5K, weight lifting, and outdoor activity with this as well as clean eating. The Shake is only meant to be one meal replacement, and I’m choosing Lunch for mine. I bought a 28 day supply, and I’m going to see how well I do in that time.

Here goes nothing!