Welcome to Juicy Tuesday, with all of the health benefits and none of the benefits of anything remotely fun one would think.

This week’s Juice is brought to you by what Josh and I needed to get rid of due to the fact that we bought a whole mess of things to juice that we forgot about.

What you’ll need:

Pineapple Anti-Oxident KILLER

1/2 of a Fresh Pineapple
1/2 Lemon
1 Tablespoon of Fresh Ginger
2 Stalks of Celery
1/2 Cucumber
1 Green Apple

I have a juicer, so it’s easy to put all of this shit in there and let her rip. Something that I did find is that you should probably trim the pineapple of the outer husk, because leaving that on really makes it easy for the chunks to get in the juice itself. So I would recommend trimming the husk of the pineapple with your knife. To make this juice totally radical, I would also recommend using a hand heldĀ lemon juicer; they look like this:

The only reason being, you get the most juice out of your lemon and don’t waste the good stuff.

When you’re done, your juice should look like this:

Oh hey, Jolene

Now, there is a way to make this juice without a Juicer. First: chunk up the pineapple and take off the husk. It should be in small chunks. Put that into a blender with about a cup of cold water. Squeeze the lemon in the blender and pulse it so it comes to a paste. Cube up the apple with the skin, celery, cucumber and throw that in the pineapple paste with another heaping cup of water. If you pulse that and it doesn’t come to a juice-like form, keep adding COLD water until you see it start to look like juice. If you’re using a blender, it will be more paste-y than if you were to use a juicer, but if you can deal with that, you’re still getting a whole MESS of nutrients!

Here’s all of the nutrients contained in this juice:
Pineapple: Vitamin C, Manganese, Copper Vitamin B1 and B6, Fiber, Folate andĀ Pantothenic Acid. This means it has Anti-Flammatory and Digestive benefits as well as Anti Oxidants.
Lemon: Vitamin C, Folate: Much of the same benefits as Pineapple–Antioxidents, Phytonutrients and Antibiotic properties. Very good for your immune system which is why we put it in tea when we’re sick!
Ginger: ginger has no specific vitamins, but the benefits are outstanding! It provides Gastrointenstinal relief to be specific. Hellur-ginger ale anyone?
Celery: Okay so we all know Celery is basically a stick of water that tastes like death, but the health benefits include Anti-Inflammation for the digestive tract.
Cucumber: The highest vitamin count in this vegetable is Vitamin K. Very good for your immune system!
Green Apple:LOTS of Fiber and Vitamin C. Basically the magical fruit that could possibly make you toot. I am 12.

This juice is great for your immune system, digestive system, OR If you just want to feel like you’re on a magical beach drinking a tart and fruity Pina Colada minus the alcohol.

for your health