Good Morning! I have super exciting and vague news. I finally found my wedding dress! And here’s what I can tell you: It’s a dress, I love it, it was fate that I found it and it’s completely unique and beautiful. This weekend and most of last week one of my bridesmaids flew in from Texas! I set up a few dress appointments to try them on and she decided to come up to do it with me! We laughed, we cried, we drank (hence the crying) and I wish I could do it all over again. Since I can’t, here are some pictures:

On Wednesday I picked up Kyla from the airport after getting hit on by a very tall Nigerian man at the airport gas station. Hey, I’ve still got it. We worked out, got ready and went out to a country concert that night to see Hudson Moore. An all around fun day!

On Thursday Kyla and I went to Boulder to do light shopping. We went to Free People and Urban Outfitters and I bought nothing because nothing fits me anymore. YAY self confidence. It was a beautiful day and Pearl street is really fun when all of the people that hang out there are basically homeless and get mad if you don’t have at least a quarter in pocket change to give them.
That night we decided to dress up and go out on the town. We went to listen to jazz at my favorite place in Fort Collins: Ace Gillett’s. Then after a few cocktails we went to another bar called Pour Brothers where the bartender was wearing short denim shorts a la Tobias Funke, but also had a very well groomed beard. It was a confusing time for me. Then, we found a photo booth:

Friday: Friday was our pamper day! We got up, breakfasted, gymed, and then ate salad becuase #healthy. We ended up at Glossy Nails in Fort Collins where we got pedicures, manicures, and I tried fake nails for the first time! Now I wanted to try them because I was inspired. But as I’m typing now, I just don’t think I’m a fan at all. This is impossible. I want to rip my hands off. Honestly the people at the salon did a great job but I don’t know how people live with nails like these. I can’t wait until they come off…but damn are they pretty and chic..


Saturday was the day I finally got to try on wedding dresses! We had 2 appointments and lunch reservations. The first appointment couldn’t have been more different from the second. It was called the Bridal Connection in Longmont. We walked in and immediately were not paid attention to. Which surprised me only because I thought you know, as far as sales go, you may want to make the bride feel like a special lady on the day she tries on dresses. I finally met who I assume was my “Consultant” and she told me to start picking out dresses and she’ll put them in a dressing room for me. I obliged, but I only found a few that were actually “me” and had to settle on a lot. I’m talking mermaid-y silhouettes that hugged the wrong curves and made me feel like a balloon. Now, I’m a bigger bride unfortunately so feeling like a balloon is going to happen. But this was the wrong kind of feeling. I felt like the consultant was rushed, unhappy with me and my size, and basically didn’t want me there. I tried on dress after dress just to appeal to the masses, but none of them looked remotely like ME. I started to feel like I wasn’t going to find ANYTHING. I was in the worst mood and we left the store with nothing.
We all met at lunch at my favorite place in Longmont–The Cheese Importers. I had a wonderful Mediterranean plate and Prosecco for the anxiousness (When we left the first store Kyla said “You need a shot, NOW”).

The Cheese Importers

I told everyone that maybe we should just cancel the next appointment since we were going to a Boutique Bridal shop in downtown Denver called Blue Bridal Boutique;I was worried they were going to be snootier than the first place, rude and wouldn’t have anything in my size. I was quickly shot down by that idea and we all decided it was best to go.
It was the best decision to keep the appointment. As soon as we got to Denver, things started falling into place. Kyla and I found the perfect parking spot near the shop (an almost impossible feat Downtown on a Saturday) and my sister and Mom had already gotten there before us. My sister called me immediately before we walked in and said “Molly, this is where we should have gone from the beginning”. We got our own private corner in the shop, which was beautiful. There were couches for everyone to be comfortable and not to mention the service was completely outstanding. Before we even walked in, they had my name on a chalkboard outside! IMG_9843

I was instantly in a better mood, and before dress try-on started, I had to go to the restroom. You may be thinking, Molly-why are you telling us of your bowel movements? When I walked over I joined my mom in line and while we were standing there, we saw one of the consultants walking back from the dressing room with 2 dresses. I loved both of them, but especially one that looked like my perfect dress. She saw me glaring at it and asked if she wants me to have her keep it back there for me to try on? And my response was HELL YES. I got out of the bathroom and met my stylist who was INFINITELY more excited to help me, asked me questions about the venue and my fiance and proceeded to tell me who all of the designers were in the store, which dresses are customizable and then handed me clothespins. I was to pin any dress I loved and she would take it back for me. I chose a few BEAUTIFUL ones, but I tried on the one she took back for me first. I LOVED it. Kyla even told me she had seen the dress when it was going to be put back on the rack and told them to hold it for me because she said “It’s exactly the dream dress she explained to me”. Which, IT WAS. I felt fireworks going off when I tried it on. I felt comfortable and cool. The crowd had mixed review, my future mother in law HATED IT but I had to deal. I loved this dress. I tried on other ones, but always kept thinking of that one. My stylist put me back in it at the end of everything and left me alone with the group to look at it. I started to cry, my mom cried and I hugged everyone. This dress was IT. My lovely mother bought the dress for me and I couldn’t be more elated.

After that we all went to my absolute favorite restaurant: Steubens in Denver–to celebrate. We all shared a plate of wings, and let me tell you-they have the best buffalo wings in the world. And I would know. I JUST WOULD OK. For dinner I had a Tri-tip steak with fries and chimichurri butter. It’s Steubens’ play on Steak Frites–and while it wasn’t as good as Kyla’s luscious mac n cheese (drunk Molly was in love) it was truly heaven on a plate. The drunk Molly was brought to you by a drink called The Zombie that has 4 rums in it. If you follow me on Twitter you probably saw my live tweets about how amazing the food was….



Sunday: Bridal Brunch!

That morning we all woke up, my mom made my favorite breakfast and we all chowed down. It was delicious!IMG_9850

My mom also got the cutest sign and put it on the door, #hearteyes

We then proceeded to take care of tedious wedding work like save the dates and me getting annoyed with both my mom and my new mother in law. But, hey– IT’S ALL PART OF THE FUN.

Later we had apps, watched the Oscars and I basically cried when Leo won.
I hope you all had a good weekend and I’m sorry for rambling!