Hey there, Sparkly Foxes. Thanks for stopping by today!

I’ve got a few updates for you, specifically relating to our house’s window boxes. Becuase if there’s one thing ANYONE reads a blog for, its small gardens conveniently fit to the front of windows.

It’s been getting significantly hotter here in Colorado, which means everyone has a reserved picnic spot at the park. As we finished a filling breakfast at Snooze (Link, I forgot to save a snap chat photo because I was HUNGRY so sue me) Josh and I decided to venture out withOUT a sweater and get some flowers for our window boxes. Which are currently filled with rotten dirt. They look terrible. We stopped over at the beautiful Fort Collins Nursery. We picked out an array of Mint, Parsley, daisies and other..flowers (I’m not a botanist).


As we went to check out with our box of flowers and herbs, the lady at the counter gave us a funny look. “You’re not planting these…today…right?” We nodded in puzzlement and were quickly shot down. Apparently we have to wait until May 15 to plant them, because that is the ideal day after the overnight frost goes away for good. If you were ever wondering about frost patterns.

If you were wondering what our Front window box looked like. It’s pretty cute, NBD.

We then headed over to the local Tar-gey to pick up some gardening tools and outside decorations. We found this adorable door mat.



Sunday was Jolene’s last day of training! We had learned a lot over the past few weekends, but mostly how to sit and lay down and walk around…on a leash. You know for smart animals dogs sure take a while to learn the basics.



Yes, we DID get a very unnecessary certificate of Achievement on embossed paper to celebrate Jolene learning a very basic couple of commands.


After that, Josh and I were¬†THAT couple that headed to Trader Joe’s to get sold on Swedish Dark chocolate with Organic Hazlenuts and Canvas totes that I will never use to store my groceries except for that one time I went to Trader Joe’s. Real talk, though-Trader Joe’s is basically my happy place and I love their frozen Kung Pao chicken and packaged lunch salads. I am a true believer in the Trader we call Joe.


Later that evening we decided to make the 20 minute trip from our house to our absolute favorite pizza place in the neighboring town. Pizza is important, and when you find the right place the song “I would walk 5000 miles” comes to mind. It was all worth it, and we shared a few slices in bed while watching *throwback* ET. I was always scared of ET when I was younger, so I decided to give it another go. Consensus: Still creepy and ET is pretty cute also. Star of the show, btw? DREW BARRYMORE? Um, as if I didn’t already love her enough. Also, a moment of silence for her divorce. Still living her best life.

Thank you for taking a moment to share in the glories of my random weekend!